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Peacocks and Place

On my first night at Montsalvat I was greeted in the late evening by the music of the Shakuhachi flute floating out and down the hill to me – it made my first evening complete. This morning I met the … Continue reading

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Full Moon

A full moon post is bound to be a bit erratic. The moon sits solid and round in a pitch black sky. Here, at Montsalvat, it is framed by two large trees not identifiable in the dark. The trees are … Continue reading

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The Gadfly

As I drove away from Montsalvat late this afternoon ABC Radio National shared the program ‘Democracy and the Humanities’. It was primarily a discussion with Martha Nussbaum about her book ‘Not for Profit: Why Democracy needs Humanities’. When you are … Continue reading

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In my little tower at Montsalvat silence is a companion. Silence is also space for my thoughts, broken only by music when I choose, or those moments when I start speaking to myself when trying to work out which version … Continue reading

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The below three staggered images whilst technically not a Triptych are three of nature’s views associated together as the window compass points from a desk in Sue Vanderkelen’s Tower at Montsalvat, Eltham (Montsalvat was founded by Justus Jörgensen, click on the … Continue reading

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The Lake

Last week my joy at being in Sydney transcribing Miller’s letters was pure and unabashed. I’m certain the purity of the experience was because I have now given up my day job and am focusing on Miller…and family. On arrival … Continue reading

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Rain Memory

Australian rain-memory has been revived. This winter marks the return of the puddle and the sloosh, sloosh sound of cars on streets. The threat of our red centre encroaching on our coastal edges has abated and on the whole we … Continue reading

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First steps

I imagine Madeleine Peyroux gently swaying in the background as I experiment with the first words of the Miller blog. The journey began with a small photograph album Miller sent to his sister, my grandmother. The sepia photos, the size … Continue reading

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