First steps

The first page of the photograph albumn Miller sent to my grandmother, Mera.

Training in Egypt

I imagine Madeleine Peyroux gently swaying in the background as I experiment with the first words of the Miller blog. The journey began with a small photograph album Miller sent to his sister, my grandmother. The sepia photos, the size of a matchbox, brought into my surburban childhhood the romance of Egypt – pyramids, obelisks and men on horses. What I didn’t understand then was that they were in training for WWI.

It is now, some 30 years later, that I have finally begun my Miller journey. It has always been a dream in the background of my life  but in 2007 I finally began my pilgrimages to the main manuscript collection at the Mitchell Library, Sydney, Australia. The journey has been delayed by life’s natural punctuations but I have persisted to this point flying away from home to Sydney for little bursts of Miller emersion therapy.

The journey can be seen, as in a film, perhaps a Danish style, where a swimmer has entered a lake and luxuriates in the submersion of waters unknown, only to find they are dragged to the surface by concerned onlookers…the film’s story continues…the swimmer continually breaks away from the action dipping into the wonderful lake. Sometimes there is a break on the waters surface and a new face is introduced to them offering them stories and myths of what is down deep – these are the adrenalin surges of research when the painstaking trawling through data brings you to a knowedge-treasure.

This blog is the sharing of my research steps and I hope that new faces will be introduced to Miller through this medium as well as faces that can take me deeper.

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