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The Miller Odyssey

The Artarmon Galleries Godfrey Miller Exhibition opened on the night of the 21 September and I with great expectations arrived at 4pm to interview Jocelyn Maughan. This interview and the exhibition itself were the stuff of dreams for a biographer. … Continue reading

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Bridges & a lost bird

Thinking of bridges and crossing them into the past I thought it was about time that I took a shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I sat on a bench listening to the groan and release sounds of the Ozjet … Continue reading

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Paths to Miller

Currently I’m reading Richard Holmes work ‘Footsteps: Adventures of a Romantic Biographer’. This is a gentle, deceptive gem that contains a lot more biographical tools than it at first appears. It is very easy to be seduced in the writing, … Continue reading

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AGNSW: Miller’s Corner

Whilst in general I am pretty diligent on my Sydney trips to ensure I get maximum time with Godfrey Miller’s letters, I also feel the need for related distractions that are Sydney unique experiences. On Monday, lunch time, in full … Continue reading

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Emerging from the chrysalis

‘Somehow then I move to a renaissance of my own – a discarding of the chrysalis an impulse forwarded by the influence of Ibsen, Nietzsche,  Zola, Dostoyevsky, Picasso, the Chinese [exhibition], MacMurray and Lewis Miller. In the main it is … Continue reading

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A generous mind & reporter of the spirit

It is sunny in Sydney today but the wind chills swirling around the city buildings like a predator after unsuspecting Melbournites who assume Sydney is always balmy. However, it is the rainy day in Melbourne yesterday that still excites me. … Continue reading

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