GCM NZ Photo Gallery

I prefer to sit on the floor next to a coffee table when in conversation and in particular when taking notes about GM. It is more grounded somehow and gives freer movement when looking at photos, cuttings and listening. Shoes preferably off. This is how I was in NZ kneeling at coffee tables looking, listening and discussing.

A niece in NZ said how attractive and masculine Godfrey was, but how difficult to know deeply. Another relayed the family story that Godfrey had trained himself before the war to write and draw left handed – this was considered one of his visionary actions (‘a moment when the future opens’) as the war injury was sustained in his right arm. A great niece remembers Uncle Lewis whistling from a window sill of their Auckland home where he stayed occasionally. Family distances were described and silences between Miller siblings. Books were found with G C Miller in Godfrey’s hand on inside of the cover: The French Revolution, Carlyle, Vol I, II; History of English, Macaulay, Vol I, II. He held these books and the Vest Pocket Kodak Camera in hands that intuitively revealed the  mysteries of form.

The eyes and the nose are the keys of  a young face pre-war and an older face post-war…always the eyes, Ayn Rand would have known how to describe Godfrey’s eyes…

GCM noted as wounded

Gallipoli 1915

GCM (R) holding niece Margaret Titirangi

Titirangi detail

Godfrey Miller 1996 AGNSW

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2 Responses to GCM NZ Photo Gallery

  1. jonathan says:

    Hi I came across this link by a fluke, i am a collector of WW1 Signals uniforms and equipment.
    I have a Photograph of C.G Miller c1913, in his Signals uniform, he looks younger than in your photo clipping, the photograph was taken in the Zenith Studios Dunedin.
    It is nice to find this link and no a bit more about him.
    The photograph is one of my favorite signals photographs in my collection.

    here is a link to part of the pic, not the full pic


    Best Regards Jonathan

    • millersunity says:

      Hi, Jonathan. I am sorry for the very delayed response. Work on this blog has suffered very much this year. Is there any chance you would be happy to email me a scanned copy of your photograph to add to this blog? Of course I can reciprocate in kind.

      Work will be recommencing in earnest by November

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