Poppies and Crosses

Remembrance day: the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month specifically recalls the official end of WWI on that date in 1918 with the signing of the armistice and more

Poppies and Crosses – Flanders Fields (Photo credit Willowbrookpark.blogspot.com)

widely recalls all fallen soldiers…‘we remember them’…the emblem the red poppy of the Flanders Fields…the blood stained on earth churned raw.

On my Miller journey I have been quiet because I have been ‘under a flood of words’ some my own but also those on Gaudier-Brzeska who was killed in a charge, at Neuville St. Vaast, on June the 5th, 1915. To his memory Ezra Pound writes ‘It is part of the war waste. Among many good artists, among other young men of promise there was this one sculptor already great in achievement at the age of twenty three, incalculably great in promise and in the hopes of his friends’ and ‘that Gaudier-Brzeska had an amazing faculty for synthesis’ and from Gaudier-Brezeska on the Front ‘I have been fighting for two months and I can now gauge the intensity of life’

Today is a day marked for us to pause for thought, to reflect on what has past and to recognise and prevent modern day manifestations for such destruction. It is a great responsibility. In a year there are 365 days in which we should remember to apply our creative will and consciousness within our daily lives no matter what basic tasks we face because not to do so means we have forgotten.

As previously noted Godfrey Miller was injured at Gallipoli. He lay on churned ground waiting to be collected and taken to the Australian Casualty Station. Like Gaudier-Brzeska he also had received two promotions; like Gaudier-Brzeska he understood synthesis. Each man explored concepts of the material and spiritual worlds and formed, created with all their own energy, pieces of unity requiring more than a first glance, deserving our whole attention. Their understanding of the past forms, the future forms, time, space, planes, proportion, rhythm leads the observer to the present forms – forms of possibilities.

On this remembrance day, I reflect with a new energy and, with due respect to the past, look forward to further understanding Miller’s possibilities.

‘…and exotic geometry
numbers tumbling from his mouth
not spoken but in forms
rotating out of words whirling
movement dynamic
the stone, Gestalt
stirrings from Goethe
minds eye inside
impish smile to part’

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  1. anon says:

    11-11-11,legs eleven,poppy harris ,legs like iceland poppies (greek) a remembrance.9-11: s.s. vs. sa.in munich. 9-11:kissinger asassinates allende.9-11 ,2 horns of the beast.put down by post cold war trade victims!!now nuclear dictator ships :p.i.n.k.war =pakistan iran israel north korea.none sign the non proliferation treaty! lest we forget!

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