Name/Title, Date, Interview type

  • Nick Waterlow OAM (Curator Ivan Dougherty Gallery NSW) , 27/6/08, written notes
  • Deborah Beck (painter and lecturer at the National Arts School author of ‘Hope in Hell’), 24/7/08, written notes
  • Rob Henshaw (son of John Henshaw), 18/7/10, recorded and notes
  • Peter Pinson (Peter Pinson Gallery/Emeritus Professor of the University of NSW), 14/9/10, recorded and notes
  • Robin Norling (Artist/Former Education Officer Art Gallery of NSW, Arts Writer), 20/9/10, phone call
  • Jocelyn Maughan (Patonga Bakehouse Gallery/Artist/writer) 21/9/10, recorded and notes
  • Owen Shaw (Artist, ex-NAS student & friend) October/10, Multiple calls, notes
  • Peter Laverty (Artist & Former Head of NAS, Former Director of AGNSW), 4/10/10, notes
  • Ursula Laverty (Artist), 4/10/10, notes
  • Peter Rushforth, (Potter), 8/10/10, phone conversation, notes
  • Margaret & Peter Young, Alistair, Isaac, Caitlin, Nicola, James, (cousins), 13/10/10, notes and borrowed photos/letters/transcripts
  • Lady Annette Cooke, 18-19/10/10, notes
  • Tom Thompson, (Artist, ex-student and then colleague) 2/11/10, recorded and notes
  • Annette Dixon, (Artist, ex-student) 30/11/10, phone call and notes
  • Barbara McKay, (Artist, ex-student) 1/12/10, phone call and notes
  • Bill Salmon, (Artist, ex-student, colleague) 6/12/10 phone call and notes
  • Leonora Howlett, (Artist, ex-student)13/12/10, recorded and notes
  • Margaret Woodward, (Artist, ex-student)

Artarmon Gallery Opening Convesations 21/9/10

  • Jocelyn Maughan – interview
  • Phillip & Julie Brackenreg
  • Deborah Beck
  • Robert & Robyn Liddicoat
  • Anne & Daniel Pata
  • Alex Butler
  • Peter Pinson
  • John Firth-Smith
  • Owen Shaw
  • Michael Joel

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