Research Questions

  1. Where are all the letters that Miller must have received from his brothers, nieces and friends?
  2. Births, Deaths and Marriages NZ naturally have no record of birth or death certificates for Thomas Tripney Miller. He died in London 1933 and it is considered that he was born in Scotland 1858. UK searches have not been fruitful but it may be I do not have the right search database. Answer: People recommend which I will try. This database has not been of great assistance for Thomas Tripney Miller, however, from I was able to locate the record reference for the death certificate which I then requested from the General Register Office UK (GRO) The document notes: ‘Godfrey Miller Son in attendance’ ’13 December 1933, 38 The Grove Heston.
  3. When in London it has been confirmed that he sketched with Dobell and met other Australian artists but did he meet de Maistre, go to Jim Ede’s ‘Kettles Yard?
  4. Thomas Tripney Miller, Godfrey’s father is becoming a more intriguing figure whose thinking features in Godfrey’s letters. I’d like much more about him
  5. Is it possible that Godfrey and John Henshaw met prior to the Sydney years?
  6. John Henshaw mentions Miller’s collection of indigenous bark paintings presumably started on his first central Australian visit 1940 – what happened to these?
  7. Who can assist me with more information in relation to his trips to the outback? His immense respect for the way of thinking in the indigenous communities in Australia and New Zealand?
  8. What happened to Miller’s library?
  9. Who is Laurie that wanted him in a book? Answer: Laurie Thomas
  10. Other than the Kerry Dundas portrait where are photographs of Miller himself?
  11. Can anyone assist with information regarding Miller’s relationship and decision to bequeath his home to Helen Priscilla Crabb [Barc] (1891-1972) – it may have been through the Theosophical Society but Anne Wookey in her thesis could not find evidence of the connection.
  12. Owen Shaw, in his opening of the Godfrey Miller exhibition 21/9/10 at Artarmon Galleries, mentions the missing zoo sketches – what has happened to these? Were they distributed to students?

9 Responses to Research Questions

  1. anon says:

    belong piquances; reaching out despair no replies .laboriously transcribing .hit syd hard ! began with a blitz! yes !excise domestic!afalon your true realm “sand of gm island is our afalon! wife is brief, art is “long”. oh! the palpable poignance in your notes & exquisite empathy at the gallery. im hurt too .by same vicissitudes.n.b., “3 treasures ” is chinese for eunuch “accoutremonts”!! “laurie ” was prob laurie thomas. oss

  2. anon says:

    miller “bronze” should read miller torso ,it is pewter

  3. anon says:

    helen crabb “barc” (crab in reverse) inherited g.m. house 89 .sutherland st good friend of esther bellis ex dadswell student ex art mistress rose bay convent last abode “skipello” at scone,had admirers of her sculpture animalier there…../…a trunk of g.m. art was given to a.r.renshaw .at roseville (solicitor) c1970 .incl. zoo drawings

  4. anon says:

    the ref to “threads” is a standard metaphor in art training .also warp -fabric-threads was the original meaning for ching or classic.curiously the same is common in skt. where loom was originaly tantra its complementary constituents the warp & weave were yantra &mantra being structure &sound .that atomist science coincided with democritus &co.there was abeaten track between euro_indo -chin. “the golden thread of truth”is another well milked metaphor.oss

  5. anon says:

    1080, ferrets thumping at the burrows! vicissitudes! vicissitudes!inexorable ,relentless bunny long,depite all the contrieties,proceedes as if called by her very own future .o, how many milleristas will one day take her gm biogaphy to bed with them,so as to have assistence with thier own art ,the intrinsic ineffables,therein.of “times door” b.l.,see the gates sculptures of maurie lowe ,ex g.m. stud. way beyond dantes mystagogic gates.when d.h.laurence & bunny von richthoven were at kiama nsw ,gm was in warrandyte writng that painting was sister of architecture,later told oss sculpture trailed behind painting like a toy on a string (gesturing as he spoke ) swimming with sculptor ex gm stud ,john von willer & oss., j. henshaw said gm told him & d strahan to burn everything (in the old copper fireplace out the back) b.l., is a treasure ,a messenger imparting the enigma of miller ,his obstruse contemplations ,nowin hindsite,so much more magnanimous than dira.g.n.s.w. said in1996 “miller doesnt make money “to which oss replied “no ,he makes history” .bl now invigorates that history. in silent anonymity many artists are watching her.shy? embarassed ,do we have to tell her in ignoble marks on paper she is now by deed & dedication privy to arts asylum..

  6. anon says:

    its said p. whites character is based on passmore &miller .but when you see gully jimson in the horses mouth played by alec guiness you see some essentials of the ornamental hermit the don quixote .bill salmon taught w g.m. 1960s used joyce carys book horses mouth as class text. jack passmore .godfrey miller & ian fairweather were orienttalists who practiced a classic tradition of distanced abandon., seen in australia by peroqial provincial bourgois respectability & their mock decency as obdurate inability to join the materialist mob.menzies was the arch enemy of creative artists (sarah scott “patronage in aust.) the great medici of mod .aust art was the cavalieri franco belgiorno-nettis .may every aspiring artist know this!!!

    • Dael says:

      I’m researching Ian Fairweather for a Masters, and I’m interested in connections between him and Miller.
      Connections made by the media and public (apart from Patrick White)
      Similarities in outlook and philosophy, especially re orientalism in their art. Similarities re non-materialism and self isolation in their lives.
      Barbara, I’m curious, too about any connections Miller has with Gaudier Brzeska and Jim Ede. I’m giving a talk on Fairweather at Kettle’s Yard at the end of April and will have a week there researching. Do you want me to look anything up for you?

      • millersunity says:

        Dear Dael

        How did you get on at Kettle’s Yard? Any evidence of the past presence of the Australian coterie?

        I hope your trip was a great success


        Dear Dael

        Apologies for such a tardy reply we have had some health concerns in the family recently and my work has been on hold and I am only just returning at a very minor pace.

        As you will have read in the 50s and 60s the trinity of artistic excellence include Fairweather, Miller and Passmore. Of the 3 I think Miller and Fairweather had greater similarities intellectually, perceptions of self and artistically. In my little head I read Miller as the urban artistic archetype and Fairweather as the remote artistic archetype. Each was admired by fellow artists for representing the absolute of an artist.

        Always arguably, but here are some similarities I have observed (although my knowledge of Fairweather is largely indebted to Murray Bail’s book)

        Each reached their pinnacle in their mature years…even as they physically declined…as if the pursuit/quest took over from the corporeal
        Both Slade in their backgrounds although it looks though they would have passed each other by Fairweather there earlier, Miller later
        However both men moved on from the Slade taking with them basic crafts but not the artistic quest which they already knew they held within
        Neither allegedly satisfied with their work. Miller in particular would go back to canvases repeatedly
        Both men reluctantly enter the exhibition/gallery scene and are sceptical /disdainful about the art process in the commercial world
        Neither exhibit early in their careers although this was not uncommon in their time
        Each deeply treasured solitude and the non-material world although Miller was a man with a broad range of friendships and shared meals and attended cultural productions frequently
        Each man had a deep affinity with Eastern thinking particularly China, India and Japan
        Each were well traveled and to similar destinations
        Both were soldiers although Miller was not a POW
        Each embeds in their work a connectedness with the spiritual: a heightened understanding of the essence of their respective subjects – this in part, is what makes them so distinctive, unique. They also both fold in Eastern principles which give another form of movement to their work that other artists rarely achieve
        Murray Bail is right Fairweather is not parochial nor is Miller. Each achieve what some refer to as internationalism but others may write as universal harmony

        I have no evidence of them ever meeting although they cross paths many times and I have not yet found any letters connecting Miller with Gaudier Brzeska although he undoubtedly knew his work I would think…so I’m not much help. Now if their were archives at Kettle’s Yard that revealed the Australian connections, that would be something.

        For both men life was art and there was little room left for a partner and yet Miller seemed to have a great attraction to the notion of family and spent many wonderful evenings in the company of artists who had families and spent memorable holidays with his nieces and traveled with one brother.

        Thank you so much for making contact. New dialogues are what I hoped would come out of producing the blog (as I am working independently of an institution) and I would be happy to have further conversations should you wish.



  7. anon says:

    b.l.,el elevation solid things do have many systems of unity ,contrary to gm quote.on solid to open quote ,it was dadswell who opened structure in his paperworks.lattice is a well known term in science.

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