Visual Registry – Blog Banner


January – Banner and background ‘Figure Series’, private collection, permission granted

February – missing in action

March – Detail of a foot,  from Miller Sketch listed as No. 53 by Artarmon Galleries NSW September 2010 Catalogue, now private collection, permission granted

April – missing in action

May – Banner a rising Easter Moon 2011, Background a zoom on the same moon minutes later, photo credit Barbara Long

June – Banner: a web in our winter garden thinking of Miller’s lattice work on canvas; Background: Low resolution detail of Miller’s ‘Trees and Estuary’ c 1950, watercolour, private collection, permission granted

July – Yarra Yarra Warandyte near the locale where Miller lived in the 1920s

August – Missing in action volunteering for the Melbourne Writers Festival

September – St Andrews Beach Vic

October – Missing in the action of reading

November – Moon and psychoscape, thinking of James Gleeson as I photograph the moon for a photo book, BL.


August – Detail from ‘Still Life: Comport with Fruit’c. 1950, private collection, permission granted

September – Detail from ‘Rooftops, New South Wales’ c. 1955, private collection, permission granted

October – Detail from ‘Bathing Figures’ c. 1946, private collection, permission granted

November – The Banner: Detail from ‘Mountain and Trees’ c. 1961-63, private collection, permission granted. The background: Dead tree and clouds Ku-ring-gai National Park

December – Banner and background ‘Quarry & Trees’ likely to be conversation within Ku-ring-gai National Park c. 1950-55, private collection, permission granted.


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  1. anon says:

    re.17.11.2010: rudds incubated sexophobic religious bigotry diverted every artists vote to greens.he is a wowser .calling a masterwork “revolting”is not worth response!lindsay hoff mackennal dadswell & rodin all dealt with the same antiart beligerents.they have interpellated the constitution with a clause allowing indoctrination in schools !

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